Prescribing and Research in Medicines Management (PRIMM) (UK & Ireland) is a multi-disciplinary organisation devoted to the study of medicine use in society: research, education, outcomes, interventions, consumption and administration.

PRIMM is a not for profit organisation, which remains completely independent from the pharmaceutical industry. All scientific meetings are funded solely from attendees’ registration fees (no sponsorship is accepted from any sources).

Aims of the Society

To promote research in prescribing and medicines management in the British Isles and Ireland:-

  • with particular concern for improved patient care
  • by encouraging networking between interested professionals
  • by providing a forum for the presentation of their work

If you are:

  • a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, or other healthcare professional dealing with medication use in hospital or the community
  • a researcher in the fields of drug use, pharmacoepidemiology or pharmacoeconomics
  • a professional prescribing adviser
  • a primary care organisation, regional or national administrator with responsibility for prescribing cost-effectiveness…..

then Prescribing and Research in Medicines Management (UK & Ireland) is your society.

History of the Organisation

PRIMM (UK & Ireland) (formerly UK DURG) was founded in 1989 by a multi-disciplinary group of about 30 people, who were working in drug utilisation research and who noted a lack of awareness of their work among pharmacologists. They recognised a great need to do research in drug utilisation/patient adherence and related issues. The organisation rapidly grew from 30 to 150, attracting hospital pharmacists, prescribing advisers and academic researchers. By 1993 an International Conference on Drug Utilisation at the University of Oxford attracted an audience of 380 delegates. PRIMM has flourished particularly in the quality of research. Members of PRIMM made substantial input into The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Working Party entitled “Partnership in Medicine Taking”. Since the PRIMM’s inception, we have seen the subject mature from “soft science” to one with its own methodology, encompassing qualitative research, precise statistical design and analyses of quantitative research and pharmacoeconomics.

PRIMM celebrated its 10th anniversary by producing a “Handbook of Drug Use Research Methodology”, edited by Professor Hugh McGavock. This was updated by EURO DURG with input from PRIMM in 2017. [https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/book/10.1002/9781118949740]